Website Category Package C

Website Category Package C


Category C includes all features listed in category A and B as well as the features listed below. Any options that appear repeated are typically improved options of previously listed features.


Corporate Intranet  
A corporate intranet is a private computer network that allows access only to authorized users within an organization. Safeguarded with user IDs and passwords, intranets are used by companies to deposit global documents and other resources of internal use. Typically the hardware and software infrastructure for a corporate intranet are housed inside the company. There are many advantages to using this kind of system.


Video Generation
Bay Street Software can create any kind of video promotion imaginable using Hi-definition video tools, the latest editing software and graphic design software.


Video Hosting
Allows you to store and display your videos on your site with a customizable video player.   


Dedicated Server Hosting
Any site that falls under category C will designated its own dedicated server to ensure maximum security and stability.