Website Category Package A

Website Category Package A

Here is a simplified list of what services you will recieve from Bay Street Software under the Catagory A contract.  Category A is a standalone package that covers any and all of our “basic package” needs. 


Drupal 7 Website Build
Bay Street Software offers a variety of completely customizable sample sites that will be fine tuned to perfectly reflect each companies attitude.


Maintenance and Technical Support
Your project manager, as well as a team of technical staff, will be available at all times for any variety of situations to keep your mind at ease and your website running flawlessly.


Content Development
Bay Street Software content team will develop your pre-existing content from your current website, digital press releases, employee submitted content, or any available information that can be used to populate your new site.


Administrative Accounts
Administrative accounts created for all relevant staff members will allow access to the entire website giving the advantage of “on the fly” web updates and backed with the automated backup feature for added security.


User Friendly Editing Tool integration
The “Microsoft Word Inspired Editing Tool” brings the power of your website straight to your employees hands. Alongside administrative logins, any number of     selected employees may update information displayed on the site as they please.


Social Networking Marketing
Link your business to the fastest growing section of internet users. Connect your website neatly and easily with a complete array of social network integration.


File Hosting
Complete file hosting package allowing for secure uploading and downloading of com pay documents, images, videos, or files for any number of uses.


Webpage Feature Gallery
Each Bay Street Software webpage comes with an array of completely customizable features, allowing for the ultimate modern and unique site possible for your company.


Search Engine Optimization “Tier 1”
Being SEO Professionals, we integrate these factors that deal with SEO into our website builds. We take Advanced On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategies to market your website, get ranked in search engines, and to build your online reputation (branding) for your company/website so that you can not only survive, but thrive in this competitive SEO world.


If you are interested in this package or have questions, please contact us via email or call us at (803) 389-8899