Work location: 
Charlotte, North Carolina

Job Description:
Currently we're running an Ubuntu LAMP stack on the back-end. Our websites is written in PHP using Drupal CMS and Wordpress. We are looking for a well rounded Drupal Developer to create functional and professional websites that are also highly user friendly. To support and expand this we want to hire more Drupal developers and back end developers with server side expertise.

The ideal engineer would have experience with:

  • All aspects of the LAMP stack and an understanding of what makes web sites tick
  • JSON and XML
  • General Linux development, source control, and build/packaging tools
  • PHP, and a desire to learn other technologies

About Bay Street Software, Inc.:
Over the past decade, Bay Street Software has established itself as a leading developer of enterprise solution content management system websites. Application Development, Enterprise IT Services, Digital Strategy Consulting and User Experience (UX) Design.
We honed our skills developing a solutions for small, medium and fortune 500 companies. 

If your interested:
Please check out our corporate website located at: Review our features and services. Take a look at our Portfolio, here we added 28 sample websites ranging from Realestate, Automotive, Corporate and Ecommerce sites. This will give you a very good idea of the types of sites and services we sell.

Contact Information:
Bay Street Software, Inc.
phone: 803-389-8899
Attn: Mr. Alkemade 

Current Location Openings:
Charlotte, NC