Twitter Tips for Beginners

Before I joined Buffer, I barely had a Twitter account.

It existed by its lonesome for a few years as a placeholder for the day when my work allowed me to tweet freely. That day came when I had the privilege to join up with the Buffer team, and I dove right in, applying all the Twitter knowledge I had stowed away. And still, even with a running start, I had so much to learn.

Knowledge seldom takes the place of experience. So while I muddled through my first few weeks on Twitter—experimenting and fiddling—I noticed the many things I could have only learned by doing. Here are the big ones. Call them Twitter tips for beginners.

Maybe you can relate to some?

1. You don’t have to read every tweet

Phew! This one took a huge burden off my shoulders because I was literally trying to read every Tweet from the people I followed. It simply wasn’t feasible.The average person tweets 22 times per day (and I was following many in the digital marketing realm, so my tweet average was likely a bit higher). Let’s extrapolate from there:

If you’re following 100 people, you could see 2,200 tweets per day
If you’re following 500 people, you could see 11,000 tweets per day.
If you’re following 1,000 people, you could see 22,000 tweets per day.

Put another way, since tweets can average 30 characters in length, a person following 1,000 people would see enough content in one day’s time to fill George Orwell’s Animal Farm four times over.*

You don’t have to read every Tweet. Phew. Instead …

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