Bay Street Software's Power of Blogging

Blogging is a very important practice for your company and your website. It not only keeps your followers and customers up to date with what your company is doing, but it also provides new content onto your website. This shows search engines that your website is still active and will boost it up higher in searches. For example, a while back a blog was made on Bay Street Software stating there was a sales position open in New York City. When searching Google for "Outside Sales in New York City, New York" 155,000,000 search results come up. Our blog shows up currently as number SIX on the First page of Google. Our one blog ranks higher than and is just under major job search websites, such as and

As you know, New York City is one of the largest metropolitan city in the country so our results showing so highly is not just luck, but strategy and the result of having a highly advanced and up to date website. Bay Street Software Inc. can do this for your company too and get you the same results!

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