Introducing OpenPublic
A secure, accessible, and intuitive content management system developed to accelerate innovation around content, collaboration and experience tools, tailored to the needs of public sector and open government initiatives.

Accessibility, Security, Usability.
The collective wisdom of brilliant engineers and creative digital professionals was fused to create a content management system designed for public sector, providing uncompromising accessibility, security and usability.

OpenPublic's responsive design comes right out of the box on it's base themes. Now you can deliver your information and services on any device anywhere.

Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance are key foundations to usable websites and platforms. OpenPublic's default themes meet ADA guidelines, giving site implementers a head start on testing for their own compliance.

Government-level security requirements form the foundation of OpenPublic. Passwords comply with Level 2 of NIST'S Electronic Authentication Guidelines, https is pre-configured, and CAPTCHA comes standard on forms.

Document App
The Document App allows agencies to connect citizens to the documents they need.  Simple for maintainers to create or upload, OpenPublic Documents can then be moderated, downloaded, or even translated.

Media Room App
Keep citizens up to date with the latest news and events!  The OpenPublic Media Room App serves as a landing page for all of your agency's press release and multimedia content.

Workflow App
A key requirement for content creators and editors is the ability to monitor progress when organizing new content. Administrators can track workflow for diversified content types, moving new content seemlessly through the various stages of the publishing process.

Services App
The Service App makes it easier than ever for government agencies to provide services to their constituents.  By designating all services to a single page, OpenPublic eases the burden for site administrators while simultaneously granting citizens greater access to their government's services.

Security App
The Security App allows for customizable security settings, keeping sensitive content well-protected and ensuring all government websites achieve and sustain compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Blog App
Adding, editing, and reviewing blog posts is easy with the Blog Entry App, which allows site maintainers to input a wide variety content types and quickly access all current posts.

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