The New iMac’s Biggest Changes? The Keyboard and Trackpad

APPLE UPDATED ITS line of iMacs today. They’ve been updating them for 17 years now, constantly making them bigger, faster, and generally better. This year’s model is no different: Faster processors thanks to Intel’s new Skylake chips, improved graphics performance, and Fusion Drive hybrid storage for everyone. But if you look closely—and you really do have to look closely—you’ll see a screen more lifelike than anything Mac users have seen before, and cool new accessories that rethink how we’ll interact with computers.

The iMac is Apple’s most mature product. (It’s telling that a new keyboard design is the most obvious thing about this year’s model.) It’s very good, year after year, and this year’s almost certainly is the best yet. Above all, it’s a desktop, one designed for productive people to do productive things. But now Apple is trying to help the iMac find its way in a world dominated not by big computers but by tiny ones.\

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